Is It Safe to Travel in the Balkans?

It’s very safe to travel in the Balkans. The Great Balkan Ride is a drive-what-you-can rally through some of Europe’s most beautiful and underrated countries. It isn’t even the most challenging Travel Scientists‘ event (that honour, we reckon, goes to the Central Asia Rally). However, some people may still presume that the Balkans is a […]

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Kino Bosna: Sarajevo’s Hidden Highlight

Kino Bosna is probably our favourite spot in Bosnia! The Great Balkan Ride adventure rally begins in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia. There are so many things to do in the city, from seeing museums to trying the country’s incredible food. However, before we set off and explore the beauty of Bosnia, there’s another essential place […]

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FOur wheel drive:

Great Balkan Ride 2017: Team Interview 1

We interview Rob and Amy about the Great Balkan Ride 2017. At the end of the Great Balkan Ride, in fact during dinner in Thessaloniki, we interviewed some of the teams about their experience of the event, and their thoughts on the Balkans generally. The first team were Rob & Amy. Rob is a Travel […]

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black lake montenegro

The Magical Black Lake of Montenegro

We visit the Black Lake on the first day of the Great Balkan Ride. Photo by Juan Alberto Garcia Rivera The Great Balkan Ride minimal assistance rally begins in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, and teams drive — on roads which vary drastically in quality — all the way to Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece. We see all sorts […]

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thessaloniki balkan ride

The Great Balkan Recap: What We Loved in Thessaloniki

Nobody should waste a chance to see Thessaloniki. Officially, we had waved goodbye to the Balkan Ride 2018, with a fantastic last day, which continued late into the night. Some teams braved hangovers to head home, or to further adventures, while others took the chance to explore the city a little. Still, there was a […]

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The War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo

The War Childhood Museum has received international recognition. Photo by Anida Krečo The Great Balkan Ride begins in Sarajevo and besides meeting everybody at the opening party, there’s a lot for teams to do, see, and eat. Arriving a day or two before the start of the event will give you a chance to learn about the […]

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balkan ride day 8

The Great Balkan Recap: Day 8

A memorable last day of the Great Balkan Ride 2017. Photo by Theodore Marković The final day of the Great Balkan Ride was eventful, as we squeezed in sightseeing, another border, and a fantastic final meal. We departed the picturesque City of Stone and travelled through (very underrated) Northern Greece, on our way to one of […]

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Dečani Monastery: Guarded by NATO

The frescoes at Dečani Monastery are unmissable. On the Great Balkan Ride, we spend one night in Kosovo and, despite the briefness of our stay, the young country easily manages to defy expectations. One of the most memorable moments is visiting Dečani monastery: this 14th century masterpiece is as stunning as it is controversial. You many […]

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balkan rdie day 7

The Great Balkan Recap: Day 7

A very memorable Day 7 of the Great Balkan Ride 2017. Photo by Theodore Marković The Great Balkan Ride may have been almost drawing to a close, but the seventh day provided some of the best memories of the entire event. We began at the seaside of Vlorë, drove the dramatic coastal route to Sarandë, before cooling off in […]

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great balkan ride

Highlights of the Albanian Coast

The Albanian Coast is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. The Great Balkan Ride may concentrate on adventure — driving off-road in places like the mountainous highlands of Montenegro and remote river valleys in Northern Albania — but there’s still time to relax: it’s a holiday, after all. And anybody who is new to the region […]

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