The Route

Where Are We Going
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

The Great Balkan Ride starts in picturesque Sarajevo and then races south. On the way we’ll experience the heritage of Bosnia, the fascinating history of Kosovo and the marvelous mountains of Montenegro. After enjoying the dramatic scenery of Albania and Northern Greece, we’ll finish in Thessaloniki after 1800km of ever increasing challenge that will slowly ramp up into a tough adventure rally.

great balkan ride rally car
A Challenge Not Just A Vacation
A Challenge Not Just A Vacation

Off the beaten track, where we're going, there are no easy roads. Be prepared to weather hardships including awkward officials, rakia-and-tea-fueled roadside breaks, and baking sun. Sample bizarre liquors, experience rock slides, the likelihood of some brief nudity from your fellow adventurers, and as many breakdowns as your vehicle inflicts. All in the company of like-minded folk and around some delightful and hospitable locals.

Balkan Ride Rally Albania
The Challenge, The Adventure, The Journey
The Challenge, The Adventure, The Journey

You will find no greater thrill or sense of satisfaction than pulling up to the finish of The Great Balkan Ride in Thessaloniki, Greece. You’ll have traversed seemingly endless mountain roads through ancient forests and by blue lakes. Having struggled through all the unexpected experiences along the way, you will be able to brag of making new friends, recount a raft of new tales and cherish the sense of achievement for the rest of your life.

Balkan Ride Rally Bosnia

The Great Balkan Ride is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and it's easy to get involved right now!

Kilometers to drive
Countries to visit
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Highlights of the Great Balkan Ride


Balkan Ride Rally Bosnia Sarajevo

Learn about Bosnia's fascinating capital: the site of both the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the longest siege in modern history.


Balkan Ride Rally Montenegro

Drive through rock tunnels, past stunning canyons, and on winding roads through the dramatic Northern Highlands.

Black Lake

Balkan Ride Rally Montenegro Zabljak Black Lake

Take a refreshing evening dip in the stunning Crno Jezero glacial lake near Žabljak in the Durmitor National Park.


Balkan Ride Rally Kosovo

Let Europe's youngest country surprise you, once war-torn, still chaotic - but now friendly, exciting, and a party heaven.


Balkan Ride Rally Albania Thethi

Visit a secluded mountain village, almost completely cut-off for centuries, and see the stone tower where families hid from blood feuds.


Balkan Ride Rally Albania Thethi

Test your skills to the limit driving off-road through stunningly remote valleys, along rocky river beds, and crossing streams.

Balkan Food

Balkan Ride Rally Albania Thethi

Enjoy a rich, traditional home cooked feast and finish it off with the delicious local rakia while having a chat with the locals.


Balkan Ride Rally Albania Durres

Relax in style on the beach and take a refreshing dip in the glorious Adriatic and Aegean Sea after a busy off-roading day.

Ancient Cities

Balkan Ride Rally Albania Berat

Pass through Shkodër, Vlorë, and Durrës, three of Europe's oldest cities, with ancient remains everywhere you turn.

The Blue Eye

Balkan Ride Rally Albania Blue eye

Jump into the clear blue water of Syri i Kaltër, a fresh spring more than 50 meters deep, which spurts out more than 7.5 cubic liters per second.


Marvel at the rocky columns topped with ancient monasteries, described as "in the heavens above", amid a surreal landscape.


Greece's second city, but party capital, mixes modern culture and ancient architecture, right on the edge of the Aegean sea.