Sarajevo to Thessaloniki

1800 km – 9 Days – 5 Countries

August 3 -11, 2018


An Adventure

A unique road trip through one of the last unspoilt corners of Europe the Great Balkan Ride is a superb adventure to some of the region’s hidden gems.

Traverse The History

Wend your way between ancient monuments and the relics of bygone ages as you travel along timeworn roads drenched in the trappings of history.

A Challenge

Relying on your own resilience, determination and navigation skills will you and your team be able to meet the challenge of the 1800km Great Balkan Ride?

Sense The Heritage

Thousands of years of history have left their mark on this amazing region, its people and their culture and on the Great Balkan Ride you’ll immerse yourself in it all.

A Journey

Over mountains and through forests you’ll travel from the heart of the region all the way to the shores of the Adriatic on this fabulous adventure road trip.

Experience The Culture

With the region famed for its cuisine and wines this is the perfect way to sample the tastes and flavors of the diverse and fascinating people in the Balkans.

The Travel Scientists

The Travel Scientists have spent the last 15 years providing the very best in adventure travel around the globe.

From the deserts of Uzbekistan to the shores of the Tamil Nadu the Travel Scientists run a myriad of events world-wide and have used that experience to perfect a golden formula of amazing places, great people, a superb atmosphere and a real challenge to provide an unforgettable experience for those seeking something unique on their travels.

The Great Balkan Ride

An eight day odyssey into the least frequently traveled region of Europe, the Great Balkan Ride is a unique adventure road trip into the very heart of this amazing region. Home to ancient cultures awash with a rich and wonderful history this challenging journey will take you from the dim lights of Sarajevo, surrounded by the Dinaric Alps, through the beauty of Bosnia, the magnificence of Montenegro and the astonishing landscapes of Albania. Experience the brilliant Balkans with fellow explorers of the lesser known quarters of the world and return home with marvelous memories you’ll cherish forever.


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Testimonials about the Travel Scientists

'You were the perfect hosts on the road and we couldn't have got there and back without you. Thanks.'- Simone, Berlin
'We got to drive on the road to Dushanbe with the Travel Scientists in the greatest rally trip ever. Thanks guys!'- Tony, Amsterdam
'Drove from Goa to Chennai in our own taxi and met some great people along the way. Couldn't have been better.'- Gregory, Texas
'Had an amazing time and saw stuff I'll never forget.'- Ethan, Liverpool
'Enjoyed every moment of our adventure in India, especially the food and the crazy parties.'- Chloe, Malmo
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