Great Balkan Ride

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina to Thessaloniki, Greece
August 2-10, 2019

9 Days
5 Countries
1800 km

A nine day odyssey into the least frequently traveled corners of Europe, The Balkan Ride is a unique adventure road trip into the very heart of this amazing region.

Home to ancient cultures awash with rich and wonderful history this challenging journey will take you from historic Sarajevo, through magnificent Montenegro, the surprising beauty of Kosovo and the varied landscapes of Albania, all the way to Greece.

Restoring Challenge

In a modern world of plastic hotels and one-size-fits-all guided tours the spirit of adventure and challenge has been slowly squeezed from international travel, replacing it with a omnipresence of mediocrity that envelopes the globe. We at the Travel Scientists have pledged ourselves to redressing this imbalance and put the sense of adventure and fun back where it belongs. Taking you through some of Europe's most spectacular hidden gems, The Great Balkan Ride is an adventure into the heritage, history and culture of the continent's last unexploited corner.

A Unique Adventure

Choose a vehicle, recruit a team and prepare to have both challenged on this 'minimal assistance' event that will put your navigational skills, sense of adventure and self-reliance to the test. We'll provide the framework for your own unique adventure into this mysterious region of Europe and won't spoil the thrill of your accomplishments by mothering you every mile of the trip. The Great Balkan Ride is open to almost any vehicle that can make it to the start and, more importantly, finish where you'll be able to share your tales with like-minded folk over well-earned drinks.

Why choose us?
We Are Travel Maniacs

For the Travel Scientists this is a passion not just a business, and we carry that essence of fun-within-adventure over into all our numerous events that now span the globe from India to Armenia, Estonia to Morocco.

We Want to Get to Know You

In our small groups you aren't ever just a number and our strong community spirit sees to it that all our participants get to know each other and share their experiences gained on the road.

Adventure Must Be Unique

We provide a truly unique off-beat approach coupled with some of the most stunning destinations on the planet, all specifically chosen to present the very best adventure rally challenge available today.


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If you don't trust us, trust them

I have done some travelling off beaten track, both by myself and on organised trips. With the Travel Scientists for the first time I found the perfect balance. With these guys every morning you are free to do whatever you want, go at whatever pace or to whichever place you wish, but you are sure that at the end of the day even in the remotest places there will be a place for you to rest.

Anna, 36

I have participated in one Travel Scientists' event, and would love to do another. I'm not a fan of package holidays, and I like having the freedom to explore places myself. With the Travel Scientists I got that, but also made great friends with other teams. The organizers knew a lot about the region, and I knew they'd be able to help if something went very wrong: luckily nothing did!

Jeremy, 27

You get to have all the adventure, you take credit for every achievement, but if things go wrong, you know there is somebody to help you. No need to talk about the obvious things like travelling with like-minded adventurers from all over the world, seeing the last corners without McDonalds and the feeling when conquering challenges I don’t need to solve in my comfortable everyday life.

Denis, 45