The Challenge

The Great Balkan Ride explores the hinterland of southeastern Europe. Experience the haunting history of Sarajevo, travel through the mountains of Montenegro and revel in the atmosphere of Albania before finishing in Greece. This ‘minimal assistance’ adventure rally across the Balkans through spectacular scenery will let you experience diverse cultures, try the varied cuisines and meet some of the friendliest people.

A real challenge of self-reliance to you, your team and your vehicle this is not a journey for those with a nervous disposition.

What's The Magic Ingredient?

Too many events coddle the competitors swindling them out of the thrill and satisfaction of knowing they achieved the finish by their own efforts alone. We at the Travel Scientists will not mother you and rob you of your accomplishments being yours by holding your hand every step of the way.

August 2024
1800 km
Open road
The Route

Traveling long hard roads with almost certain encounters with unpredictable obstacles we give you a route with daily start and finish points to follow, but we leave it up to you to find the fun you want to have along the way.

1240Sarajevo to Zabljak
2300Zabljak to Peja
3282Peja to Shkodër
476Shkodër to Thethi
5181Thethi to Durrës
6118Durrës to Vlorë
7144Vlorë to Gjirokaster
8166Gjirokaster to Meteora
9215Meteora to Thessaloniki
Map of the challenge
The Travel Scientists Goodie Bag

While we won't spoil your discoveries and adventures with complete supervision, we are still your bastion of calm during the whole trip. As such we have put together a fail safe package of services and support for you, to make your adventure rally across the Balkans unforgettable.

Rally Preparation

We provide you with out stylish official rally equipment, can book your accommodations and share our expertise of the region.

Route Planning

The route has been carefully created and tested by the organizers. Special detailed maps fare available.

Visas & Documents

We support you with visa and licensing issues and provide info about all needed paper work.

An Extensive Road Book

We supply you with our ultimate survival guide, helping you to navigate unknown streets & cultural customs.

Like-minded Nutters

We take pride in hosting a community atmosphere and encouraging wild partying and socialising.

Kick-off and Finish Parties

We provide you with the opportunity to celebrate your trip with your newly found friends. Twice!


We offer two different packages so as to tailor the experience to your requirements. One is a bare-bones approach with only the essentials provided, the other a more comfortable, luxury option which ensures that your accommodation will already have been taken care of long before you arrive.



595 €/person

We provide you with the basics like rally gear, a roadbook and a social infrastructure on the way.

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945 €/person

We provide you with the important rally basics and additionally organize your accommodation.

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The Rest Is up to You!

With hundreds of miles of roads, tracks and obstacles between the start and finish we leave it up to you as to how you'll tackle them and where you'll find the most fun doing it.

Check our Financial Details page for more information on our great deals that will have you with us on the road to Thessaloniki in no time.