I Went, I Saw, I Gave

Part of the spirit of discovery and adventure is to spread the happiness we are blessed with and give back to those who do not share our advantages. We at the Travel Scientists are determined to uphold our obligation to leave the places we visit better off than when we arrived, however small our assistance may be.

Participation in the charity efforts of the Travel Scientists and The Great Balkan Ride team is by no means mandatory, however the thrill found in giving to disadvantaged local communities is incredibly uplifting and facilitates an emotional high point for many of our participants. Our charity work embraces our spirit of exploration as we carefully research worthy recipients and encourage those that travel with us to take part either with in-kind donations and/or some fund-raising activities.

Just a little can go such a long way to help people in desperate need and who knows, perhaps one day someone you help will be able to aid you in return.