Dečani Monastery: Guarded by NATO

The frescoes at Dečani Monastery are unmissable. On the Great Balkan Ride, we spend one night in Kosovo and, despite the briefness of our stay, the young country easily manages to defy expectations. One of the most memorable moments is visiting Dečani monastery: this 14th century masterpiece is as stunning as it is controversial. You many […]

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balkan ride day 3

The Great Balkan Recap: Day 3

From Peja to Shkodër, on Day 3 teams left Kosovo and made their way to beautiful Albania.  Photo by Theodore Marković   Day 3 of the Great Balkan Ride 2017 began understandably slowly, after Day 2 had ended with a late night out drinking rakia of the lively boulevard of Peja. Once teams had recovered enough to […]

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Why You Should Visit Kosovo

There are so many reasons to visit Kosovo. Photo by Snownjeri   All of the Balkans are steeped in history, but nowhere moreso than Kosovo. In Europe’s newest country, the past isn’t over. Less than two decades have passed since the conflict with Serbia. Independence was only declared in 2008, and the state isn’t yet fully […]

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