balkan rdie day 7

The Great Balkan Recap: Day 7

A very memorable Day 7 of the Great Balkan Ride 2017. Photo by Theodore Marković The Great Balkan Ride may have been almost drawing to a close, but the seventh day provided some of the best memories of the entire event. We began at the seaside of Vlorë, drove the dramatic coastal route to Sarandë, before cooling off in […]

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great balkan ride

The Great Balkan Recap: Day 6

The highlights of the sixth day of the Great Balkan Ride. The sixth day of 2017’s Great Balkan Ride was a chance to do some sightseeing, as the road from Durrës to Vlorë included perhaps Albania’s most attractive town: Berat. We’d been told that we should see the view from the top of Berat hill, but it was […]

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The Many Delights of Awesome Albania

Here are some of the beautiful locations we love in Albania. Photo by godo godaj The Great Balkan Ride, beginning in Sarajevo on August 5th, explores an beautiful, historic, and very much underrated part of Europe. And nowhere exemplifies those three qualities more than Albania. Here are some photos showing the incredible variety of scenery waiting […]

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Albania’s Concrete Bunkers: Defences Against an Enemy that Never Came

Photo by Concrete Mushrooms Project An introduction to Albania’s Concrete Bunkers. Of all the countries explored by the Great Balkan Ride adventure rally, Albania is likely the most unknown and underrated. It has an incredibly diverse landscape, a unique culture, and a fascinating history. Albania’s concrete bunkers are the most visible relic of the country’s past, since they are to […]

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