balkan ride day 8

The Great Balkan Recap: Day 8

A memorable last day of the Great Balkan Ride 2017. Photo by Theodore Marković The final day of the Great Balkan Ride was eventful, as we squeezed in sightseeing, another border, and a fantastic final meal. We departed the picturesque City of Stone and travelled through (very underrated) Northern Greece, on our way to one of […]

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great balkan ride

The Great Balkan Recap: Day 6

The highlights of the sixth day of the Great Balkan Ride. The sixth day of 2017’s Great Balkan Ride was a chance to do some sightseeing, as the road from Durrës to Vlorë included perhaps Albania’s most attractive town: Berat. We’d been told that we should see the view from the top of Berat hill, but it was […]

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Gjirokastër: City of Stone

Introducing the historic Albanian city of Gjirokastër. Photo by ShkelzenRexha   Gjirokastër (alternatively known as Gjirokastra) is one of the highlights of the Great Balkan Ride. Located in Southern Albania, Gjirokastër offers a rich past, picturesque stone architecture, and fantastic views. Not only is the city a UNESCO world heritage site, but it was also the birthplace […]

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Prizren: Why We Love Kosovo’s Second City

Prizren, Kosovo’s second city, might be our favourite small city in the Balkans. Photo by Tobias Klenze   Prizren is a truly remarkable place, far from anyone’s preconceptions about Kosovo. It is a picturesque gem, packed with history and culture. At times it seems like a miniature Sarajevo, complete with gorgeous old town and tragic history. […]

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What Makes Thessaloniki Special?

  Thessaloniki is the final city visited by the Great Balkan Ride,    The cultural capital of Greece, Thessaloniki, is the final city visited by the Great Balkan Ride. The minimal assistance rally will depart from Sarajevo, traversing Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania, before reaching Greece. Teams can celebrate the end of the adventure in the beach paradise of Nea […]

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What to do in Sarajevo

Photo by Michał Huniewicz Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, is a historical gem right at the heart of the Western Balkans. Fittingly, it’s the starting city for the Great Balkan Ride minimal assistance rally, which will explore the wild side of Europe, beginning on August 5th. Smart teams will arrive in plenty time to explore the city’s rich culture, varied […]

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