The Great Balkan Recap 2017: Day 2

On the second day of the Great Balkan Ride, we entered the magical country of Kosovo.

Photo by Theodore Marković

After a busy first day of the Great Balkan Ride, more stunning scenery awaited the teams on Day 2. There was still much of North-Eastern Montenegro to explore, after which we would be introduced to yet another country: Kosovo. The stunning landscapes and welcoming hospitality of Kosovo made a great time inevitable.


All Packed

balkan ride day 2
Photo by Theodore Marković

Celebrations on the first night had gone on rather late, but everyone was up bright and early for Huba’s team briefing. Packed and ready to go, teams set off for what was to be another eventful day.


Europe’s Least Accessible Canyon

Balkan ride day 2
Photo by Theodore Marković

There was the option of some early sightseeing, as we had stayed close to Nevidio Canyon. Famous as Europe’s least accessible canyon, it was first passed through only in 1965. While we didn’t attempt to replicate that feat, the canyon entrance provided a lovely spot to cool our feet.


On (and Off) the Road

balkan ride 2
Photo by Theodore Marković

The road wasn’t quite as dramatic as our entrance to Montenegro the day before, but it came close. Traversing rocky hills and wooded valleys, we lost count of how many hairpin bends we passed. One team somehow ended up on an excellent off-road route, which we hadn’t known existed. They had great fun, and it’s on the route for next year!


The Border

Photo by
Photo by Theodore Marković

The Kosovan border is notable for the 4km drive between leaving Montenegro and entering Kosovo. We’re unsure of what state this middle area actually is, though people appeared to live there. The border was relatively quiet, but there was enough of a stop for Tony (pictured above) to make friends with a group of Montenegrins on their own rally.



Balkan ride day 2
Photo by Dirk Lenaerts

Entering Kosovo we were greeted by a stunning vista of a country under cloud. Descending into the state was a spectacular experience, and we were soon in the center of Peja. Chaotic and welcoming in equal measure, the entire group decided to share a meal in a local restaurant. The night out on Peja’s boulevard was guided by the roll of the Danish team’s pink dice, which somehow indicated that everyone should drink many shots of the local rakija. That we did, and (without spoiling the recap for Day 3) this proved to be a silly idea.



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