We don’t tell you what to do or how to do it. Go nuts! Custom hot rod with rockets on the back? OK, but mind the speed limit. Or if your only option is grandpa’s 1973 Mini or Vespa, that’s okay too. Obviously having a high-end, 4-wheel drive vehicle will make the journey more comfortable, but repairs to complex vehicles of this nature can be difficult in the remote regions the rally visits. We therefore often urge participants to instead opt for more mechanically simple vehicles which may lack creature comforts but are far easier to fix quickly should something go amiss on the road to Thessaloniki. And anyway, is comfort really what you want? Some of the best times we’ve ever had have been broken down in the middle of nowhere. It’s more than just a fantastic story; it’s a great way to step outside the dull safety net you’re tied into now.


You really don’t need a high-performance vehicle to compete in the Great Balkan Ride.  Our Adventure Research Staff put a lot of design thought into the course to ensure that teams in 2WD cars, battered old clunkers, and wacky vehicles can not only enjoy the journey but compete on an equal footing. For any portions that require 4WD, we note a safe detour for other vehicles. So many of our participants choose outlandish vehicles that add to the fun, craziness, and thrill of the adventure.

For those that might not have a vehicle to hand we have a number of solutions from buying a just-for-the-rally road beast (and selling it afterward) to renting one of our fully equipped and ready-to-roll expedition vehicles that come with all you’ll need to get to the finish line.


To make the Great Balkan Ride easy to enter (but not to complete) we can arrange to pick up and drop off vehicles ahead of, and subsequent to the event, so contact us if you need these or any of the other services we offer to facilitate your participation in this odyssey into the Balkans.

Contact the organizers well ahead of time to arrange these services.



Purchasing a vehicle especially for the rally and selling it afterwards is possible but can require substantial time and effort both prior to and after the event that participants will need to take into account when planning to use this option. The Travel Scientists can help facilitate your purchase of the desired vehicle. We can recommend models, equipment, dealers, and provide any additional advice you need before purchasing your vehicle.


How ’bout simply landing in Sarajevo with a suitcase just one night before the start?

We know some of you won’t have the time to bother with buying a car just for the rally then try to figure out how to sell it after the event. Maybe you come from a distant corner of the World and you only want to enjoy the challenge without taking care of preparations and thinking of what to do with the car after the rally.

Making your life easier we offer you our fully equipped expedition vehicles available for rental. Check out our different packages! Due to limited availability and the ever changing fleet please contact us well in advance to check what is available for the next event.

All the vehicles are fully equipped with rally and camping gears. The cars can be picked up at the start and dropped off at the finish.

Motorbikes for rental – soon to come! Contact us for more information!

Contact us to learn what we can organize to ensure you get to go on this great adventure trip on the Great Balkan Ride!