The Ride

What’s it all about

The Great Balkan Ride is the latest adventure road trip from the hugely experienced Travel Scientists and blazes a trail out the history soaked Sarajevo, heads to the prettiness of Peja, then climbs up into the amazing mountains and passes through to the vast vistas of Skhoder. It sweeps into the fabulously picturesque Thethi and then drives on hard  toward the beaches of Durres and the blue waters of Vlore before finishing after 8 days and 1800km  with a triumphant entry into Nea Kallikratia.

A challenging journey through the last unspoilt corner of Europe, the Great Balkan Ride is the best way to experience the people, culture and cuisine of this beautiful region.


Ok, but how’s it done?

The Great Balkan Ride is a ‘minimal assistance’ event – we give you the tools to find adventure and a framework to spur discovery in these unfamiliar lands, but we don’t spoil the thrill of your achievements by mother hen-ing you all along the way.

Countries to visit
Days of Adventure
New stories to tell

The Travel Scientists Goodie Bag

Rally Preparation

We provide you with equipment, can book your accommodations and even provide you with a car.

Route Planning

The route has been carefully created and tested by the organizers. Special detailed maps for your availability.

Visas and Documentation

We support you with visa and licensing issues and provide direct assistance in obtaining visas as well.

Extensive Roadbook

We supply you with our ultimate survival guide, helping you to navigate unknown streets & cultural customs.

Community of Likeminded Nutters

We take pride in hosting a community atmosphere and encouraging wild partying and socialization.

Kick-off and Finish Parties

We provide you with the opportunity to celebrate your trip with your newly found friends. Twice!

The Rest is up to you!

There’s a start, a finish line, and thousands of miles of road in-between, we leave it up to you to decide where to find the most fun!

We offer three different travel adventure packages, from a basic one providing you with the very essentials to take on this adventure to a comfortable, we-take-care-of-everything package – check our financial page for details on each one.

Sounds good to you?  We hope you’ll join us for the excursion of a lifetime!